My Story

It all started with me actually singing karaoke, became known for doing old school rap like "Baby got back" and "Rapper's Delight". Five minutes into a show the host lost his voice, I grabbed the mic and told him to work the controls and I would do the rest and that's when DJ HEFTY was born. That was over 25 years ago, since then I have done gigs for Motley Crue and Digital Underground down to a small Christmas party for 15 people and everything in between. I have between 3-5 karaoke shows a week and keep the weekends open for special events. I remember the days when I carried around CD's and Laser Discs for karaoke, now with everything being digital I have over 90K DJ songs and over 110K karaoke songs and I update both monthly.

Customer Raves

Hefty made our Daddy/Daughter a huge hit. The music was all appropriate and kept the girls and a lot of the dads dancing all night long.

-Jennifer Thompson

When Sean told me he would be the most worry free part of my wedding I wasn't sure but that is exactly what it turned out to be. He made sure the night was all about us and did everything we wanted and more so. It was truly the perfect day.

-Beth Wilson

Sean "DJ Hefty" has been doing our Holiday Party for over 10 years now, it is like he is one of the family and we have even moved our party to make sure he could be there. Hefty is a staple at all of our functions.

-Sandy Fazio 

​John Eagle Honda

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